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Seven layers of Canadian maple and more

Complete boards and skateboards

We manufacture the best professional skateboards in all shapes and sizes. We use 7 layers of select Canadian maple that is pressed and custom machined to provide long lasting "pop" and responsiveness.

Thanks to the complete control of the production cycle, it is possible to customize not only the printing, but every detail of the product: Colors and type of layers, shape, pitch, laser engraving, varnishing and other finishes.

Beginner skates, cruisers, longboards and surf skates, customizable down to the last detail and available in a wide variety of materials such as birch, pawlonia, fiberglass and bamboo, complete the catalog of our wheelboards.

Min. 50 pieces per graphic / model.

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Skateboard Collection

Models available

Classic Popscicle Classic Popscicle
Assembled skateboard Assembled skateboard
Old school Old school
Special shape Special shape
Cruiser Cruiser
Longboard pintail Longboard pintail
Longboard freestyle Longboard freestyle
Longboard freeride Longboard freeride
Longboard shaped Longboard shaped
Surf skate Surf skate
Can't find the model you are looking for?

Our catalog contains over 250 different boards between shapes and models, as well as wheels and accessories. If you do not find the model you are looking for above, fill out the form to download the catalog.

Customize every detail

Options and finishes

Not only graphics, with us you can customize every detail of your products: Design, shape, packaging, packaging and accessories from 50 pieces per graphic / model.

Bottom print Bottom print

Four-color digital printing or screen printing with spot colors and the possibility of creating UV, fluorescent, transparencies, reliefs and hotfoil effects.

Top Print Top Print

Four-color digital printing or screen printing with spot colors. For small logos, graphics or all-over on the entire surface.

Laser engraving Laser engraving

You can create small logos, texts or limited edition numbers on the top of the board.

Colored layers Colored layers

Choose the color and position of each layer of your board for ultimate color matching.

Full painting Full painting

Do not like the grain? You can paint the panel a color of your choice before applying the artwork.

Wood finishes Wood finishes

Sei un maniaco delle venature? Scegli il colore dell’impregnante per ottenere la finitura del legno che preferisci.

Hot foil Hot foil

Add an elegant and unusual twist to your graphics with a silver, gold, glossy / matte or holographic effect foil.

Grip print Grip print

Are you bored with the black of paper glass? Customize it with graphics. Available in single sheets or applied to suits.

Print wheels Print wheels

Choose the hardness and shape you prefer, the color of the material, and apply your graphic to your wheels.

Shape development Shape development

Are you looking for a very precise or special shape and concave? Let us make it possible! The first mold is never forgotten ®

Packaging Packaging

From a simple sticker to a warranty card that accompanies the packaging or the creation of more complex cardboard packaging solutions.

Design Design

If you need help in the design phase to create your graphics, executive files or packaging.

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